Join us for the beta test of this awesome chat bot that will make the business plan for you :)

Incoming Features

Made for Google Assistant

But coming on Messenger, Telegram


All the question have been tested over and over to cover all the needed field :)

Quick and Easy

Who want to take the time to write all that technical stuff seriously ? I got you :)


Just share your experience or pay me a beer :)

Business Ready

The document got all the part needed for fund raising or public presentation.

Markdown Generated

Generate your business plan in markdown so you can make it your own.


Product Hunt Hackthon

This Google Action App / chat bot is beeing created to the Product Hunt Hackthon. I got struggle making a business plan and would have found it so easy if someone could just chat with me to extract what was needed. But hey! 21th century is here and we got chat bot :)! I'll make it so you don't have to suffert the pain to create the business you've always dreamed of!

Product Hunt Hackthon